Welcome to my new world!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my new site, I hope you like it.  Its going to be changing and growing as I figure wordpress out.  So stick around!  I’ll have a new post up and running sometime today that will be password protected.  I promise this will be my only PW protected post barring any unforseen circumstances.  Please contact me for the PW.

Also, Im going to my first Zumba class tonight!  Im very excited and Im sure I will post a recap sometimes tomorrow.  Once I really get into the groove of wordpress, my regular Monday Madness, Wordless Wednesdays and Thankful Thursday posts will continue.  Thank you for following me over here and continuing reading.  Im sure this new home will be a great place for me and you!

You can visit my old blog HERE Im going to keep it open just in case 🙂


7 Responses

  1. I would like to read. Would I be able to get the password please?

  2. Ditto to what Sarah said!

  3. I’d love to read.

    Also, do you know how I can get you on my ‘reader’ now that you’re on WordPress?


    • I dont know how to get me on reader. You cant just add the blog by url?

    • Okay, I asked Cassie above, since she has a wordpress blog and this was her reply:

      “If you open Google Reader there is an ‘Add a Subscription’ link at the top left. Just copy-paste the link url & it will pull them in.”

      Hope that helps!

  4. Hey! This is Shannon from The Nest 🙂 I followed your old blog, and now I’m following you over to the new blog! I’d love the PW to read the newest post, if possible!

  5. Love the new blog! Its so pretty! Can I know the secret password too?

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