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I have issues

When you look at me, do you think Im accident prone?  That I have issues?  I think I do.  I was supposed to go to Hot Yoga tonight, but I bailed on myself once again.  I had no one to go with, so no one to keep me accountable, and here I am at home.

It doesn’t help that I have a nasty blister on the side of my heel.  I took a picture and I was going to illustrate my blister, but my cracked heels begged me not to show them, so to appease them I slathered on some lotion and hid them in my socks.

I have taken Salty on two walks in the past two days, that’s something right?  Monday I’ll make it to Hot Yoga, I promise!

Okay readers, I need your input.  Im thinking about posting my daily food intake on here, a la Brie.  I use the same calorie tracker as her, My Fitness Pal, but I just dont know if anyone would like to see that.  I know I like to see Brie’s, but would you want to see mine?  Im on the fence about it.  On the one hand, talk about accountability, on the other hand, snooooore.  What do you think?


4 Responses

  1. In the beginning of my blogging journey, I posted my intake. It helped me be accountable for eating all three meals, and eating healthy.

    It could be good for you! And it would be fun for us to see what you’re eating.


  2. If it’ll help you with accountability go for it! I won’t mind seeing it 🙂
    Also, it makes me sad to think that just 1 year ago I lived so clos to your mom, and we could have walked Salty together, but we moved. Oh well, at least one of us is walking those nice & hilly roads!

    • I know! I walk by your old complex every time in my loop. These hills are intense! Im dreading starting C25K next week, but I know the pay off will be great.

      After you have the babe we should meet up in the middle and you can walk with the stroller and I’ll have the pup, it would be fun!

  3. All right ladies, I’ll post my intake. We’ll see how it goes for a week and then I will reevaluate. 🙂

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