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Manic Monday Frustration

Monday – Hot Yoga

Tuesday – C25K

Wednesday – Hot Yoga

Thursday – C25K

Friday – Hot Yoga

Saturday – C25K

Sunday – Rest

This week is going to be a Hot Yoga week!  Im frustrated that I love it so much and Im getting to do it half off because Im a student, but if I went this often for a whole month it would be $60, basically the cost of a gym membership, if not more.  Im thinking about looking into a membership at a local place. I know that I can go to UWF’s gym for free when I want, but the old lady feeling still hasn’t escaped me yet.  I need to just get over it and get back into spin.  I miss it.  I miss feeling strong and really in to something.  I love Hot Yoga and I know eventually this could be my thing, but my pocket book would not appreciate it.  After this week Im going to drop it down to one or two times a week and get over my fear of UWF.  I can do it!

I’ve also feel like I’ve eaten a ton today.  I cant eat anymore.  I know that Im supposed to eat some more to make up for what I’ve burned, but I just cant do it.  Oh well, you win some, you loose some. 😉


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