Salty’s Day!

My sweet puppy has been such a good boy today.  Have you seen how cute he is?  If you haven’t, or you forgot, here’s a pic of him and his beautiful sister.

As soon as I got home I stashed him in the car and we went to the dog park.  Tonight was his obedience class so he needed to be worn out so he could focus.  He played for an hour and then we headed to class.  He has mastered sit, down, up, leave it, dance, army crawl, and sit stay.  He’s working on long sit stay, down stay, heel, come, down stay and 360 stay.  I want to eventually get him into competition and maybe agility.  He’s such an anxious dog and sometime that holds him back, but we’re working on it.

Last night we passed golf carts, kids with bouncing balls, people walking their dogs, people walking/running, and people with baby strollers and he didn’t bat an eye.  He even obeyed my “leave it” when we encountered some not so smart squirrels.  I just cant compliment him enough.  After his long run last night, his hour at the dog park, hour in class, and 25 minute walk tonight he is one tired dog.  He’s been so tired he’s only been eating half of his food.  Very meticulously eating half of his food, its pretty hilarious.

I love this silly dog.

Anyways, enough about my awesome dog.

I think Im doing pretty good.  The brownies are gone, so I wont be tempted by them for breakfast anymore.  Im still below my calorie amount that I should be getting, but Im sure I’ll make up for it sometime this week. 🙂




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