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Manic Monday with Insight

Monday – Rest (Beach Day and Bunco night)

Tuesday – c25k

Wednesday – Hot Yoga

Thursday – c25k

Friday – Rest

Saturday – c25k

Sunday – Walk/Yoga/Workout video (whichever one I decide to do)

I’ve really been thinking about why I write this blog lately.  Is it to motivate others?  Is it to motivate myself?  Is it for accountability?  Is it just to AW myself out?  I have moments where I get discouraged that I haven’t gotten any comments in a while, or I’ll have a day or two where I’ll get tons of comments and views and I get so excited about it.  I have moments of envy when other bloggers have more comments than me, or more subscribers, which is so silly.  Really, the bottom line though, is that this blog is for me, other’s being touched or affected by it is just overflow.  I use this as a sound board for my pitfalls, my accomplishments, and my life.  If someone else doesn’t like something I write or changes the way they do something because of what I did, that’s awesome, but Im not going to go out of my way to make that happen every post.

I live my life, I write my blog, I love my Jesus, I love my dog.  Some days I love to run, some days it takes everything I can to get out the front door.  This is me, this is my blog, take it or leave it. 😉


One Response

  1. I am right there with you on the comment-comparing mind games. We’re good at finding things to worry/bother ourselves with… Keep it up girl 🙂

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