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Product(s) RAVE

I’ve become a little nail obsessed lately.  Something about having pretty nails makes me feel pretty.  I used to spend a hour at the salon every other week to get acrylics, but after years of doing that I decided I wanted to grow out my own nails about a year or so ago.  Its been an uphill battle.  Im a notorious nail biter and picker.  Manicures usually only last a day or so for me which is why I was SO excited about trying shellac.  When that ended up wrecking my nails just as bad as acrylics I was really disappointed, plus the price is huge compared to acrylics.

Then I found these bad boys:

So far I’ve used Girl Flower and It Girl.  They say they will last up to 10 days and Im sure they do, but like I mentioned, Im a picker and at day 7 Im usually peeling them off.  They’re easy to apply and they easily come off with regular acetone remover.

Another product rave is for this:

I dont know if you’ve seen the crackle nail craze pop lately, but I love it.  I slapped it on top of my It Girl nail effects strips and this is what my nails look like right now:

Seriously awesome.  The crackle worked like a charm on top of the effects because it had such a shiny, clean, clear base.  Love Love LOVE!  Yay for fun nails!  I cant wait to try another effect on my nails, its addicting!


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