Its become an addiction

Yesterday in Destin I was able to visit Sephora and Ulta.  I was not impressed with Sephora’s nail polish selection.  They only carried OPI for Sephora, which is nice, but nothing blew me away.  Ulta, on the other hand, carried everything I could imagine in a full service beauty store.  I drove away from Destin yesterday with 6 more polishes in my arsenal.  My favorite, or what I thought would be my favorite, was Orly’s Galaxy Girl.  Its from their new Cosmic FX line and it just popped in the bottle.  My hope was that Galaxy Girl would replace my extreme want for Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance, which retails $16-$18.  Waaaay too much for this girl’s nail polish obsession.  This is how Galaxy Girl turned out for me.

I have to say, its not as pretty on my nails as it is on the bottle.  It also went on pretty sheer and it took two coats to get it just semi-opaque.  I even put two shiny top coats on it to help it shimmer more, but its still not wowing me.  I’m keeping it on for now because it is pretty enough and the whole manicure took some time.

I hope yall dont care that I’ve kinda morphed into this beauty/health and fitness blog.  Im loving it, I hope yall do too!  Im planning on posting reviews on the rest of my nail polish stash too.  So get ready!


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