Confession Time Y’all

Tonight was my first run since the end of April.  I know, I know, Im bad.  May was a busy month.  June 1 is National Running Day, so I had to get out today.  I did day 1 week 3 of c25k and busted it out.  I have some lost time to make up, but if I keep up with it I should be okay for the Firecracker 5k on July 3rd.  I did an butt busting easy 2 miles. 😉

OMG it was hot though.  This was the forecast for today:

Most places said it was over 100 degrees today.  Holy Crap.  I got out there though and I feel better for it.  If you’re local, you know we’re in s severe drought here.  Its insane.

This used to be a substantial stream that I pass on my run.  Its completely dry.  Its depressing.  We need ran y’all!

In lieu of my new nail polish obsession here’s what’s currently on my nails:

Finger Paints: Art Lofty Toffee.  That’s my nails too.  Love it!!


Fashion, or lack there of

I’ve lost more than 10% of my body. That’s crazy when you think about it. When the weight started coming off I wanted to start dressing my age and not like a grandma anymore. I started getting into fashion magazines and I started to wear make up more often, fix my hair, and paint my nails. I’ve pulled old dresses out of my closet that I haven’t fit into for 2-3 years. It’s been awesome.

But, there’s always a but, sometimes I look in the mirror and I see the old me. The almost 20 pounds heavier me. I still pick up clothes that are too big to try on. I still see my fat cheeks. I still get down on how I look. It’s so frustrating to think of what I’ve accomplished, but then dwell on how much farther I want to go.

Then I worry about how far I will obsess about this and how long until I think I “look” good. I have 12 pounds to go till I get to that magic number on the scale, but will it be enough? I’m trying to stay diligent and not obsess, but somedays I feel so defeated that I can’t help but obsess. Ugh, will it ever end?

But I want to leave this post on a positive note, so here’s a fun picture. Summer is here and now my toes match the great weather!


Blogs for Dogs

One of my fellow bloggers Brie lives near Joplin, Missouri where the recent tornadoes wrecked havoc recently.  She has volunteered at the Joplin Humane Society  and knew that they were overrun with misplaced pets.  She recently posted about what she has done to help JHS here.

She has set up a registry on Amazon for JHS.  There’s stuff on the registry at all price points, so if you can buy anything its a huge help.

Pass the word around on your blogs, facebook pages, twitter.  If you cant donate, get the word out!

Product(s) RAVE

I’ve become a little nail obsessed lately.  Something about having pretty nails makes me feel pretty.  I used to spend a hour at the salon every other week to get acrylics, but after years of doing that I decided I wanted to grow out my own nails about a year or so ago.  Its been an uphill battle.  Im a notorious nail biter and picker.  Manicures usually only last a day or so for me which is why I was SO excited about trying shellac.  When that ended up wrecking my nails just as bad as acrylics I was really disappointed, plus the price is huge compared to acrylics.

Then I found these bad boys:

So far I’ve used Girl Flower and It Girl.  They say they will last up to 10 days and Im sure they do, but like I mentioned, Im a picker and at day 7 Im usually peeling them off.  They’re easy to apply and they easily come off with regular acetone remover.

Another product rave is for this:

I dont know if you’ve seen the crackle nail craze pop lately, but I love it.  I slapped it on top of my It Girl nail effects strips and this is what my nails look like right now:

Seriously awesome.  The crackle worked like a charm on top of the effects because it had such a shiny, clean, clear base.  Love Love LOVE!  Yay for fun nails!  I cant wait to try another effect on my nails, its addicting!

Summer School Sucks

I’m going to be posting a lot less now that Summer School has started, but I’ll still be punching out runs and racing on and off.  My first race is actually this weekend, Im sure I’ll post a recap!

I’ll try to update as much as I can, so don’t forget about me! 🙂

Summer School would be so much better if Mark Harmon was my professor. 😉

My Etsy Store is Up!!

Check out my new page at the top!  Its for my Etsy store.  I still haven’t started selling at the local farmer’s market and I might not at all, but hopefully I will get confirmation on that soon.  So if you want good dog treats, check out my Etsy Store!  Also, if you’re local and see something you like, let me know and I’ll get it to you so you dont have to worry about shipping.

Visit my Etsy Store!

Salty’s Seaside Dog Treats

Quick Asthma update!

I had my appointment this morning and I got a new RX for a different inhaler and a sample of Symicort which will help me get over this slump.  Plus note, my doc gave me the RX for the cheap version at Target.  Woot Woot!

But, BUT!!  Im not done!  I’ve lost 15.6 pounds!  Hallelujah!!  Only 15-20 more to go!