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Quick Asthma update!

I had my appointment this morning and I got a new RX for a different inhaler and a sample of Symicort which will help me get over this slump.  Plus note, my doc gave me the RX for the cheap version at Target.  Woot Woot!

But, BUT!!  Im not done!  I’ve lost 15.6 pounds!  Hallelujah!!  Only 15-20 more to go!


Manic Monday Asthma Attack

Everyday for the last 4 days I have had issues with my asthma every afternoon, which happens to be the time that I run.  Im going to try to run in the morning, but I really dont do mornings and every time I try to run anyways my chest pounds.  Its that time of year, allergies and then the humidity on top of it is killing me.  I’ve been using my inhaler, but its over a year old and I dont have a refill on my prescription, Boo.  Unless running in the morning goes swimmingly (no holding my breath, pun intended) I wont be running or doing any other cardio until after my Doctor’s appointment on Thursday.  Double Boo.

So the rest of this week Im really going to be watching my caloric intake to make up for the no exercise.  It’s not the greatest plan, but it will work!