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I know where it all started…

My love for polish that is.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

I’ve bitten my nails since I was a little kid.  My mom tried to tell me that they were too dirty, my great aunt told me that I would get worms,  and my grandmama said it was disgusting.  I would bite them till they bled.  It was gross.  In high school I started getting acrylics.  I would get them for months and then peel them off and paint my little nubs.  My mom used to say that if I spent as much time on my homework as I did on my nails I would be a straight A student.  Into my early adult life I couldn’t stop biting them.  I had a million polishes, glitter, creme, and shimmer, but my nails were always little nubs.  One of my childhood friends, Cassie, always bit her nails too, but at her wedding shower she told me how she finally overcame it and she was growing out her nails for her big day.  I got engaged and I thought I would do the same thing.  I would get strengtheners, repair serums, once I even got some oil that claimed it had actual diamond dust in it, but I still bit them.

My mom has beautiful nails.  She spends at least 2 nights a week giving herself a manicure.  She’s cried when she’s broken a nail.  My grandmama had the most amazing nails.  They were naturally as hard as acrylics.  She always painted them frost white.  They were so beautiful.  Even when she was dying of lung cancer the nurses would comment on her nails.  When she finally passed I inherited all of her frost white polish.  She had multiple bottles from different brands.  I’ve only painted my nails frost white once, on my wedding day, in memory of her.  I could never bring myself to paint my nubs frost white, it seemed like it tarnished her gorgeous nail’s glory.

My mother and grandmama are/were the strongest women I know, with strong nails to boot.  Sure, they have/had their problems, but they’re amazing women.  When I decided to be a strong woman, they day I left my ex, was the day that I decided to stop biting my nails and I haven’t since then.  I know it sounds silly, but I look at my nails as another obstacle I’ve overcome and I also look at them as another piece of myself that Im reclaiming.  I’m a new person, with a new life and a new set of nails.  Getting divorced has done a lot to me, but the best thing its done is help me become the strong woman that would make my grandmama and has made my mother proud.

You never thought nail polish could get deep, did you?


Part of my stash

Friday was my first visit to Forever 21.  I picked up 2 polishes there for $2.80 each, Blue and Charcoal.  A steal for a good polish in my opinion.  The pictures on the website dont do these little guys justice.  I knew I would be in love with Blue the minute I saw it.  It has a subtle gold shimmer through it that doesn’t photograph well, but is gorgeous in person.

Im playing with ways to photograph my hands when they’ve been polished and my painting techniques, this hand position is too creepy claw for me.

This picture picks up the gold great, its really gorgeous.

I love this color.  Love Love Love.  It went on like a dream and it has had staying power.  Unfortunately, my mom got me a new polish today and it busted in the bag she had it in.  When I picked it out it got all over my pretty blue nails and I had to repolish.  Unfortunately again, when I took this pretty blue polish off, it turned my nails and fingers an ugly smurf blue.  While I love this color so much, I think it will only be used for special occasions and with a heavy duty base coat underneath.

In health and fitness news, Im down another pound and a half!  That brings my total to 21.6 pounds lost.  I put on my wedding dress tonight and it was too big.  I cant remember exactly, but I was at least 10 pounds heavier than I am right now on my wedding day.

I hate that it took going through a divorce to find the motivation to lose this weight, but I think that its really a testament to how depressed I was throughout my engagement and marriage.  Let me tell you people, when you know you’re doing something wrong, don’t do it!!  If you have any doubts about anything, be it a relationship, a purchase, a big decision, a small decision, anything, don’t do it.  Take it from me people, I really know.

Its become an addiction

Yesterday in Destin I was able to visit Sephora and Ulta.  I was not impressed with Sephora’s nail polish selection.  They only carried OPI for Sephora, which is nice, but nothing blew me away.  Ulta, on the other hand, carried everything I could imagine in a full service beauty store.  I drove away from Destin yesterday with 6 more polishes in my arsenal.  My favorite, or what I thought would be my favorite, was Orly’s Galaxy Girl.  Its from their new Cosmic FX line and it just popped in the bottle.  My hope was that Galaxy Girl would replace my extreme want for Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance, which retails $16-$18.  Waaaay too much for this girl’s nail polish obsession.  This is how Galaxy Girl turned out for me.

I have to say, its not as pretty on my nails as it is on the bottle.  It also went on pretty sheer and it took two coats to get it just semi-opaque.  I even put two shiny top coats on it to help it shimmer more, but its still not wowing me.  I’m keeping it on for now because it is pretty enough and the whole manicure took some time.

I hope yall dont care that I’ve kinda morphed into this beauty/health and fitness blog.  Im loving it, I hope yall do too!  Im planning on posting reviews on the rest of my nail polish stash too.  So get ready!

Bang Bang Bangs!

I havent had bangs since 8th grade.  What do you think?

Fashion, or lack there of

I’ve lost more than 10% of my body. That’s crazy when you think about it. When the weight started coming off I wanted to start dressing my age and not like a grandma anymore. I started getting into fashion magazines and I started to wear make up more often, fix my hair, and paint my nails. I’ve pulled old dresses out of my closet that I haven’t fit into for 2-3 years. It’s been awesome.

But, there’s always a but, sometimes I look in the mirror and I see the old me. The almost 20 pounds heavier me. I still pick up clothes that are too big to try on. I still see my fat cheeks. I still get down on how I look. It’s so frustrating to think of what I’ve accomplished, but then dwell on how much farther I want to go.

Then I worry about how far I will obsess about this and how long until I think I “look” good. I have 12 pounds to go till I get to that magic number on the scale, but will it be enough? I’m trying to stay diligent and not obsess, but somedays I feel so defeated that I can’t help but obsess. Ugh, will it ever end?

But I want to leave this post on a positive note, so here’s a fun picture. Summer is here and now my toes match the great weather!


Product(s) RAVE

I’ve become a little nail obsessed lately.  Something about having pretty nails makes me feel pretty.  I used to spend a hour at the salon every other week to get acrylics, but after years of doing that I decided I wanted to grow out my own nails about a year or so ago.  Its been an uphill battle.  Im a notorious nail biter and picker.  Manicures usually only last a day or so for me which is why I was SO excited about trying shellac.  When that ended up wrecking my nails just as bad as acrylics I was really disappointed, plus the price is huge compared to acrylics.

Then I found these bad boys:

So far I’ve used Girl Flower and It Girl.  They say they will last up to 10 days and Im sure they do, but like I mentioned, Im a picker and at day 7 Im usually peeling them off.  They’re easy to apply and they easily come off with regular acetone remover.

Another product rave is for this:

I dont know if you’ve seen the crackle nail craze pop lately, but I love it.  I slapped it on top of my It Girl nail effects strips and this is what my nails look like right now:

Seriously awesome.  The crackle worked like a charm on top of the effects because it had such a shiny, clean, clear base.  Love Love LOVE!  Yay for fun nails!  I cant wait to try another effect on my nails, its addicting!

Wednesday Catch Up – Shellac finale

I’ve been a little slack lately.  I’ve still been tracking, but short of taking Salty on a couple walks, no running has been done since I got my tattoo.  Its itchy and socks bother it.  Im going to get over it tomorrow and hit the pavement.  I know it will feel good once I do it.

Sunday was day fourteen of my Shellacked nails.  They kept up beautifully until that morning.  I think in the back of my mind I knew that this was supposed to be their expire date, so I started to pick at them.  On my way out of church I knew that if I didn’t snap a pic of them, they would be demolished.  Here they are:

Im very impressed with the finale of having my nails shellacked, but removal sucked.  I feel like as the shellac peeled off, so did a layer of my nail bed.  My nails are dang long, but weak and worse for the wear.  I did soak them in acetone once I got home to help with the removal process, but that only helped a little.  All in all, I feel like I got my money’s worth, but I would only do this for a vacation or special occasion.

Im going to have one more snack tonight, but I dont know what it is yet.  Here’s is my intake so far:

Can I be an AW for a moment?  Sunday was a big day for me.  I wore crazy tall heels and dress I haven’t worn in 3 years and it was amazing.  You want to see?

I cant believe that’s me.  I cant believe those are my feet.  I cant believe my hair is so curly.  I cant believe I have BANGS!  People are starting to comment on my weight loss and I will be the first to admit that its going to my head.  Which has led to slacking, which gratefully has not led to any gain, but no loss.   I dont know how to get through these points where I plateau for a little bit after a loss because I feel so good and treat myself a little.  I need to keep my eye on the prize and keep this ball rolling, did I use too many cliches there? hahaha!

I’ve been lacking motivation is so many areas of my life right now.  I feel like Im at this weird place where I feel like a little kid one moment and then a cynical old lady in the next.  Im ready for a happy medium here.  I know God has this amazing plan for me, but Im having a hard time keep on His path.  I just want to fix it all and do it all myself.

How do you stay on track life wise?  What do you do keep you “eye on the prize?”