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I sweat like a 300 lb man

I sweat, a lot.  I dont glisten, I dont sparkle, I sweat.  A. Lot.  I mean, buckets.  I know that’s gross and Im sorry, but it’s just a fact of my life.  I usually do my run/walk thing when its dark, so its not as bad and people dont have to see me, but today it was so pretty I decided to go out around 5:30.  Salty was ready, I was ready, or at least I thought I was.  About half a mile out I realized my hair tie just wasn’t tight enough.  I usually use Sweaty Bands to keep the sweat off my face and help hold my hair, but I couldn’t find one tonight.  I tried to make hair tie tighter, but I was afraid it was going to break, so I just left it loose and hoped for the best.  This is when the sweat started pouring.  I pushed through and went longer and farther than I ever had.  It was awesome.  It helps that I live in a gulf course community and the course was deserted, so we got to run on the cart path and use the awesome hills to help push us harder and use the nice water station.

Despite the sweat and my nasty hair, this is one of the best c25k days I’ve had.  I went 15 more minutes after the workout, which was a great confidence builder.  Yay!  Poor Salty was so tired, when we walked up the front steps he tripped.  I felt so bad, but I could tell he had a good time.

Im low on my calorie count tonight, but there comes a point where I just cant eat anymore.  Im still getting into the sweets, I’ll work harder on that tomorrow.

Do you want to know the best/worst part of my run?  I got the biggest, reddest blister I’ve ever had from a non-burn.  If you dont like to see blisters, close this post now, I have to show you how cool/nasty this is.

It doesn’t hurt at all, that’s why I didn’t know about it during my run.  I’m getting blister covers tomorrow and Im going to stop into my local running store and make sure I have the right shoes and socks.  Im proud and ashamed of my first running wound.  Proud because I feel like its a notch in my running belt, ashamed because its from only 3 miles!  😉