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What a crazy Birthday!

Do you remember when I had to have my 2 cavities filled HERE?  Well, a couple weeks ago one of them came out.  I had been having problems with it  basically since day one.  It hurt and it was just all wonky.  When it completely fell out I went back to the dentist and He filled it with a temporary filling and told me that if I have issues with the temporary and it hurts that much still, I’ll need to get a root canal, but to give it a couple weeks and make another appointment to figure out what to do. OMG, not my cup of tea.  The temporary did hurt on and off for a couple days and then it started to come out.  I ended up making an appointment for my birthday because it was bothering me so much.  Come Thursday morning though, it hadn’t been hurting as bad so my dentist just gassed me up and refilled it again.  It feels a lot better now, but man what an ordeal.

Oh no, that’s not the end though. In the middle of the night Wednesday night while I was half asleep I literally jammed my pinky nail into my right eye.  What?!?!  Who does that?  It hurt when I did it, but I just went back to sleep because, well, I was half asleep anyways.  My birthday morning, I was so focused on getting my tooth fixed, that I didn’t notice how bad my eye was hurting.  Once I got to the dentist though, my eye started to run and it was just all around awful.  After I left the dentist, I dropped by the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist what drops she recommended for my eye.  She then informed me that I had pink eye.  On my birthday.  WTC.  I called my Dr. and got in last minute.  By now, my eye is pouring and burning and disgusting.  My Dr. comes in and tells me that the pharmacist misdiagnosed me (imagine that) and that I had a corneal abrasion.  He numbed my eye and put in special drops and gave me a prednisone shot.  He told me that my eye should heal within 24 hours, but if it doesn’t to call him.

At this point, my face is still numb from my filling, my eye is numb, and I constantly look like Im crying.  I had multiple appointments the rest of the day and I had to wear my sunglasses inside like a tool and Im sure people thought I was hungover, but my eye hurt so bad that I didn’t care.  Every spare moment at home I slept because then my eye didn’t hurt.  All in all, I slept 17 hours on my birthday.  Luckily, I wasn’t planning on celebrating my big day until Friday, since Thursday was such a crazy bust.  I woke up Friday morning and my eye didn’t hurt anymore, it was just blurry.  PTL!

I spent Friday at the beach and Friday night my mom set up a dinner for my birthday at the Melting P0t.

Melted Cheeeeeeese!  Yuuuuuum!!!

Minus my crazy health issues, my birthday was pretty awesome.  The Melting Pot was perfect and the company was awesome.  My eye is still pretty blurry and I haven’t gotten out and ran since Wednesday, but even through all of my birthday festivities I haven’t over indulged.  Im pretty proud of myself.  This was one of my favorite birthdays, even if I was an achey tooth, blindy.  I guess your body really does start to fall apart the older you get!

What is your favorite birthday memory?