Tuesday Treats!!

Tuesday Treats might become a regular edition!

Salty’s Seaside Dog Treats will be in business as soon as I figure out where to get my business license!  I picked up my all organic and natural ingredients yesterday and I’m going to start baking and freezing this weekend.  My first day open for business will be May 7th at The Palafox Market.  Im so excited!!  Salty is really excited about being the in house taste tester too.  He also has a couple of doggie friends that have volunteered to taste test too. 😉

I promise to document my baking and all of my business endeavors.  I’m not hoping to make it big, but my local farmer’s market and maybe an etsy page will be a good start!!  YAY!

Do you own your own business?  Even if you don’t, do you have any advice or tips?