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Manic Monday

In 10 days I file the final divorce papers.  On March 30th I plan to be 5 pounds lighter than I am now.  Im not going to die if I dont make my goal, but Im going to try really hard.  I know this is a lofty goal, but it will be a big day and I want to wear my skinny jeans.  It really sucks walking into the same place that you got your marriage license at to file your divorce papers, I hoping my skinny jeans will make it a little easier.   In order to lose these 5 pounds, Im cutting some things.  Like my favorite pumpkin scone I get once or twice a week for breakfast, or drive through breakfast at all.  Im going to try to eat a salad a day, which is easy, since I love a good salad.  I eat perfectly while Im at work, its once I get off that I fall.  Its so easy to snack at home, or get some drive through, or whip up some cream cheese icing (lol!!).  So Im cutting snacks after work too, except one small one right after and then dinner.  Nothing is allowed after dinner.

I can do this.  It will be done.  If I wish it, it will happen, or some of that other mumbo jumbo.

Im also giving up on the gym.  I cant afford to join a new one and I just cant get my butt to UWF.  One thing I do love is walking with my pup and he loves that too.  So Im kicking the running/walking into high drive.  Tomorrow is a C25K day, so this week will alternate that with a long walk on the other days.  Im not going to post out the days, since its the same thing every other day, you get the drill.

The last thing Im going to do is post my intake again, but without any cheating.  I totally ate things that I didn’t log when I would post it before, no more lies.

So there you have it my readers.  Are you with me the next ten days?  You dont have to participate, but I would really like it if you would cheer me on. 😉

P.S.  If I reach this goal I will be below wedding day weight.  That will be amazing.