Thankful Thursday

I have a lot to be thankful for right now.  I have an amazing support group of my family and friends that have surrounded me with love.  Its really awesome.  In that group of supporting friends, I have a dental hygienist and a front desk/insurance girl in a dental office.  Through them and in the past their mother, I’ve had dental work whenever I needed it, basically for as long as I can remember.  Their mom and my mom were best friends and they talked about teeth all the time.  One of the first things I notice about people are their teeth because of them.  I’ve always prided myself on my teeth.  I didn’t have a cavity until I was 18 and it was a small one at that.  Well, its has been about a year since I had an exam, so I called up my before mentioned friends and made an appt.  I wanted to make sure that I still had happy teeth.


Well, my teeth are not that happy today.  My hygienist kept on saying that they were beautiful and very well taken care of, I was excited about that and hoping I would get out without any bumps, but I ended up with two cavities.  My old cavity needs to be refilled and I have another new small one on the other side.  Im not excited that I have to make two more appointments, but Im thankful that its not worse than it is.  Im thankful that I can still get my teeth cleaned regularly when so many people in the world cant.

Last, but not least, Im so very thankful of my beautiful friends that keep me and pretty teeth up to par.


Zumba, The Verdict

I liked it!  It was difficult and fun at the same time.  I found out that I have issues when my arm has to go in the opposite direction of my foot/leg, but if I take it slow I can figure it out.  Also, I have no boobs to shimmy and my booty just does not move that way.  It was by no means a muscle building workout, so I dont think I’ll be that sore tomorrow, but my heart rate was up and that cardio meter was going.  I think I will be back.  I will never be great at it, but its a good workout and tons of fun!

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