Dentist Update

This is what you watch when you hang out with babies all day 😉

I had my first of two cavities filled last night.  Im okay today.  I have a little bit of soreness where they gave the Novocain shot.  I didn’t really feel a thing when I was actually getting it filled.  I have to get gas because I kinda freak out.  When Im under the gas I have to keep my eyes open or I get totally out of it.  It was really hilarious last night.

When they first put me under the gas I closed my eyes and things got a little crazy.  You know those silly commercials where people are opening drawers and banging doors and its makes a song?  Well that’s how it sounded when I closed my eyes.  On top of the crazy music, everything was spinning.  I kind of got a kick out of it.  Once I opened my eyes I knew that I couldn’t say anything but yes or no because I have a hard enough time speaking when not under the influence!  At one point while Dr. Cope was working on me I thought he said I had a football in my mouth!  Ha!  I did ask the hygienist once I had most of the gas out of my system if he did say that and she said that yes he did, but he meant that the shape of the cavity was a football.  Hilarious!  Im so glad he really said that, because if he didn’t and I imagined it I would’ve thought I was a whackadoo.

I was hoping that I would go through this and realize that I didn’t need the gas, but I did almost freak out when he first started working and Im so glad I had the gas.

Do you need laughing gas when you get dental procedures done?  I sure do!!

Mini scale update:  No obsessing yet.  I have weighed every morning so far, but it keeps me in the weight loss mindset, not in the freak out mindset and I think that is good 🙂