Manic Monday Asthma Attack

Everyday for the last 4 days I have had issues with my asthma every afternoon, which happens to be the time that I run.  Im going to try to run in the morning, but I really dont do mornings and every time I try to run anyways my chest pounds.  Its that time of year, allergies and then the humidity on top of it is killing me.  I’ve been using my inhaler, but its over a year old and I dont have a refill on my prescription, Boo.  Unless running in the morning goes swimmingly (no holding my breath, pun intended) I wont be running or doing any other cardio until after my Doctor’s appointment on Thursday.  Double Boo.

So the rest of this week Im really going to be watching my caloric intake to make up for the no exercise.  It’s not the greatest plan, but it will work!


Manic Monday with Insight

Monday – Rest (Beach Day and Bunco night)

Tuesday – c25k

Wednesday – Hot Yoga

Thursday – c25k

Friday – Rest

Saturday – c25k

Sunday – Walk/Yoga/Workout video (whichever one I decide to do)

I’ve really been thinking about why I write this blog lately.  Is it to motivate others?  Is it to motivate myself?  Is it for accountability?  Is it just to AW myself out?  I have moments where I get discouraged that I haven’t gotten any comments in a while, or I’ll have a day or two where I’ll get tons of comments and views and I get so excited about it.  I have moments of envy when other bloggers have more comments than me, or more subscribers, which is so silly.  Really, the bottom line though, is that this blog is for me, other’s being touched or affected by it is just overflow.  I use this as a sound board for my pitfalls, my accomplishments, and my life.  If someone else doesn’t like something I write or changes the way they do something because of what I did, that’s awesome, but Im not going to go out of my way to make that happen every post.

I live my life, I write my blog, I love my Jesus, I love my dog.  Some days I love to run, some days it takes everything I can to get out the front door.  This is me, this is my blog, take it or leave it. 😉

Manic Monday

Its just another Manic Monday Wooooah!

Sorry, channeling a little Cyndi there.  After camping this weekend out at the beach I hated the scale yesterday afternoon, but this morning Im pretty much back to normal.  Whew, I really need to remember to not get on the scale in the evening!

Its my birthday week!  Woot Woot!  In order to make up for the multiple dinners and drinks I plan to have Im going to step up the next couple of days.

Monday – 45 minute walk in Gulf Breeze (Wonderful!!)

Tuesday – C25K

Wednesday – Walk/Run

Thursday – Hot Yoga in the morning

Friday – Rest (dinner at the Melting Pot, Woot Woot!)

Saturday – C25K

Sunday – Rest

On another note.  Are you getting as wrapped up in the Royal Wedding as I am?  Im currently watching the Lifetime movie about William and Kate and Im DVRing their 20/20 special.  I had the biggest crush on him when I was little!  I dont think I’ll be staying up to watch the wedding live, but you can bet it will have a spot on my DVR!

Are you going to watch the Royal Wedding?

Manic Monday

My left over Chili’s club was flippin awesome after my run.  I feel so satisfied.  I downloaded a new app to my phone that keeps track of my distance and pace.  It totally freaked me out tonight.  It said 5.64 miles with a 7ish minute mile average!!  Ummm, Im in my first CONSISTENT week of c25k…

I checked out my map and it had me all over the place.  At one point I ventured out of my neighborhood, across busy traffic and a Target parking lot and back.  Oh wait, no I didnt!

I ended up just deleting the map, putting in the route I really took and then checking my stats out again.  2.93 miles and a 14ish minute mile.  That’s more like it!  I am a little faster than I thought I was, but Im keeping my pace at 15 minutes to track my calories because those things are really never accurate.  I’d rather be under than over.

My week is a little wonky for running, but here’s my tentative schedule.

Monday – c25k

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – c25k

Thursday – walk

Friday – rest

Saturday – rest

Sunday – c25k

Generally I wouldn’t plan for three rest days, but a lot of stuff is going on this week, so it is what it is.  I think Im going to try to shoot for a really long walk Thursday, like 4 miles.  I wouldnt try to run that, but a walk with my sweet pup would be fun!

Manic Monday

In 10 days I file the final divorce papers.  On March 30th I plan to be 5 pounds lighter than I am now.  Im not going to die if I dont make my goal, but Im going to try really hard.  I know this is a lofty goal, but it will be a big day and I want to wear my skinny jeans.  It really sucks walking into the same place that you got your marriage license at to file your divorce papers, I hoping my skinny jeans will make it a little easier.   In order to lose these 5 pounds, Im cutting some things.  Like my favorite pumpkin scone I get once or twice a week for breakfast, or drive through breakfast at all.  Im going to try to eat a salad a day, which is easy, since I love a good salad.  I eat perfectly while Im at work, its once I get off that I fall.  Its so easy to snack at home, or get some drive through, or whip up some cream cheese icing (lol!!).  So Im cutting snacks after work too, except one small one right after and then dinner.  Nothing is allowed after dinner.

I can do this.  It will be done.  If I wish it, it will happen, or some of that other mumbo jumbo.

Im also giving up on the gym.  I cant afford to join a new one and I just cant get my butt to UWF.  One thing I do love is walking with my pup and he loves that too.  So Im kicking the running/walking into high drive.  Tomorrow is a C25K day, so this week will alternate that with a long walk on the other days.  Im not going to post out the days, since its the same thing every other day, you get the drill.

The last thing Im going to do is post my intake again, but without any cheating.  I totally ate things that I didn’t log when I would post it before, no more lies.

So there you have it my readers.  Are you with me the next ten days?  You dont have to participate, but I would really like it if you would cheer me on. 😉

P.S.  If I reach this goal I will be below wedding day weight.  That will be amazing.

Manic Monday Frustration

Monday – Hot Yoga

Tuesday – C25K

Wednesday – Hot Yoga

Thursday – C25K

Friday – Hot Yoga

Saturday – C25K

Sunday – Rest

This week is going to be a Hot Yoga week!  Im frustrated that I love it so much and Im getting to do it half off because Im a student, but if I went this often for a whole month it would be $60, basically the cost of a gym membership, if not more.  Im thinking about looking into a membership at a local place. I know that I can go to UWF’s gym for free when I want, but the old lady feeling still hasn’t escaped me yet.  I need to just get over it and get back into spin.  I miss it.  I miss feeling strong and really in to something.  I love Hot Yoga and I know eventually this could be my thing, but my pocket book would not appreciate it.  After this week Im going to drop it down to one or two times a week and get over my fear of UWF.  I can do it!

I’ve also feel like I’ve eaten a ton today.  I cant eat anymore.  I know that Im supposed to eat some more to make up for what I’ve burned, but I just cant do it.  Oh well, you win some, you loose some. 😉

Manic Monday

Monday – Hot Yoga

Tues – Zumba or c25k depending on plans

Wednesday – Hot Yoga

Thursday – c25k

Friday – Rest, Women’s Conference

Saturday – Walk

Sunday – c25k


That’s right folks, I think Im finally back.  Hot Yoga was awesome tonight.  I went to Breath Studio downtown and it was just wonderful.  It felt so good to be back in a studio.  I dont think I’ve taken a yoga class since the fall.  Even though I sweat like a 300 pound man (no really, I do) it’s so great to get so deep into the poses when you muscles are that loose.  Love it!   Plus, I’ve drank like 15 cups or so of water today.  That always cleans out your system.  😉