Salty Graduated!!

Isn’t he just the cutest?!

Salty has finished his obedience class and I couldn’t be more proud.  He’s mastered heel, sit, down, inside come, wait, sit stay, down stay, long sit stay, long down stay, up, look at me, and leave it from class.  Out of class I’ve taught him army crawl, roll over, shake, and high five.  Tonight he tried some agility obstacles like the tunnel, weave polls, jump bar, and jump hoop.  The tunnel freaked him out at first, but once he did it he was fine.  He did all the other obstacles with no problem.  Yay Salty!   Next class on my list is a trick class, or advanced obedience.  Im going to try to join the local training club and then I will get plugged into all their classes.  The class we finished tonight was through them and I loved it.  Here’s their website if you’re interested:  Five Flag Dog Training

Salty has excelled in leaps and bounds since I’ve been able to work one on one with him, but he still has some serious stranger anxiety that we have to work on, but we’ll get it.  I want to eventually get him into Rally or Agility and to do that he has to be comfortable with someone else holding his leash.  Right now when that happens he panics.  I mean, full on, deer in the headlights OMG panics.  Hopefully, once I join the club, we’ll be around people who are just as crazy about their dog as me and it wont be weird if I ask them “Will you give my dog a treat and then try to touch his collar?” or “Will you give my dog a treat and try to pet him?”  I have a feeling if I asked some random person on our walks that they would look at me like Im crazycakes.  Well, maybe I am, but I own it.

I know he’ll probably never be 100% anxiety free, but anything I can do to help him get near that is a plus.  I dream of the day when he can be comfortable and confident in an agility ring like his long distance pal Marlon.  Marlon is a whiz at an agility lure course.  His little legs run as fast as they can through the course to try to get the lure.  Its awesome to watch.  Salty will find his place eventually, I just have to find what he’s exceptionally good at.

He got a new toy for graduating and proceeded to squeak it all through the rest of class.  It was hilarious.  Then he decided he wanted to spend the rest of the class on his back occasionally making little yeti noises to get me to pay attention to him.  When he goes on his back other times he’s being submissive, but tonight I could tell it was all for show.  Silly boy!