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Im going to be completely honest here…

I have not been exercising nearly as much as I would like to be.  I went to Zumba almost two weeks ago. I wanted to go tonight, but it didn’t work out.  I think every day driving home that today will be the day I start C25k again, it doesn’t happen.

Im lacking motivation.  The weight is slowing coming off without exercise, why do I have to bother.  Weight loss is 80% diet anyways.  At least that’s what Im telling myself.

On top of it all, UWF’s gym skivs me out.  I feel like a little old fat lady in there.  Especially in spin class, the class that I used to love.  The instructor is always this stick thin cute sorority girl and it makes me all grumpy to see her up there not even breaking a sweat.

Anyone want to throw some motivation my way?  I need it.