Part of my stash

Friday was my first visit to Forever 21.  I picked up 2 polishes there for $2.80 each, Blue and Charcoal.  A steal for a good polish in my opinion.  The pictures on the website dont do these little guys justice.  I knew I would be in love with Blue the minute I saw it.  It has a subtle gold shimmer through it that doesn’t photograph well, but is gorgeous in person.

Im playing with ways to photograph my hands when they’ve been polished and my painting techniques, this hand position is too creepy claw for me.

This picture picks up the gold great, its really gorgeous.

I love this color.  Love Love Love.  It went on like a dream and it has had staying power.  Unfortunately, my mom got me a new polish today and it busted in the bag she had it in.  When I picked it out it got all over my pretty blue nails and I had to repolish.  Unfortunately again, when I took this pretty blue polish off, it turned my nails and fingers an ugly smurf blue.  While I love this color so much, I think it will only be used for special occasions and with a heavy duty base coat underneath.

In health and fitness news, Im down another pound and a half!  That brings my total to 21.6 pounds lost.  I put on my wedding dress tonight and it was too big.  I cant remember exactly, but I was at least 10 pounds heavier than I am right now on my wedding day.

I hate that it took going through a divorce to find the motivation to lose this weight, but I think that its really a testament to how depressed I was throughout my engagement and marriage.  Let me tell you people, when you know you’re doing something wrong, don’t do it!!  If you have any doubts about anything, be it a relationship, a purchase, a big decision, a small decision, anything, don’t do it.  Take it from me people, I really know.



20 pounds of fat looks like this:

That’s disgusting!

Now, here’s what it looks like off of me:

Holy smokes Im a new woman!

I want to lose another 10-15 pounds or so, but Im pretty pleased with myself right now! 🙂

Quick Asthma update!

I had my appointment this morning and I got a new RX for a different inhaler and a sample of Symicort which will help me get over this slump.  Plus note, my doc gave me the RX for the cheap version at Target.  Woot Woot!

But, BUT!!  Im not done!  I’ve lost 15.6 pounds!  Hallelujah!!  Only 15-20 more to go!

I have a new crush

I have a new crush.

I know, I know, his sexuality preferences can be questioned, but he’ such a cutie and totally cut.  I majorly prefer him to Jillian on The Biggest Loser.  I picked up this workout video a while back with a 7 pound kettle bell,  which is like a picking up a marshmallow, but I figured I need to start small.  Little did I know that the whole time that you’re throwing this kettle bell around, your legs are going up and down and up and down.  20 minutes in I had to quit because my thighs were crazy jello.  My shoulders feel good, but I had no idea how much I needed to work on my legs, even with all the walking/running I’ve been doing.  Speaking of running/walking, I was supposed to get out and run today, but I remembered I had this video and wanted to try it out.  Im glad I did, this video is a keeper.

While I was trying to find the above picture, I found a free workout by handsome Bob.  Bob Haper’s Bikini Body Workout.  Hmmm, I might try that out!

I know that I said a while back that I wanted to be 15 pounds lighter on March 30th.  You can see from my ticker that didn’t happen, but the weight is slowly going down.  My birthday is April 21, maybe I’ll be 15 pounds lighter by them.   I surely hope so.  Im not upset that I didn’t make my 30th goal, but I realize that it was pretty far fetched so I cant get too upset about it.

For some reason I cant get my intake picture to upload to the site that I crop it on, so no intake today.  Sorry!

To Weigh or Not to Weigh

This is my first post from my phone, so bear with me 😉

I’ve been having a love hate relationship with the scale lately. My friend Yasi blogged about her experience with a scale and ever since then I’ve been wondering about my relationship with my scale. The scale is in another bathroom across the house so I don’t have to think about it much. Once I finally remember I need to weigh in, it’s after a couple cheat days and I’m usually feeling disgusting, then I get on the scale and I end up feeling worse than I did before the weigh in. Or I’ll remember at night and I truly feel that weighing in at night should be against the law, it always ends bad. The point of this battle with the scale is that I think I’m going to purchase my own and not rely on the one across the house. I’m going into this purchase realizing that this could end badly. I don’t want to weigh obsessively multiple times a day, but I do feel that I need more of a visual confirmation that my body is changing.

I feel like this part of the journey is the hardest. I’ve lost some weight and I feel like I look better so I can go two different ways with this. I can get lazy because I’ve accomplished something and slip back into old ways, or I can be diligent and keep up the good work. I’m hoping having the scale will help me attain the latter way.

What do you think about the scale? I’m I setting myself up for obsessing or could the scale be a good thing?

Im going to be completely honest here…

I have not been exercising nearly as much as I would like to be.  I went to Zumba almost two weeks ago. I wanted to go tonight, but it didn’t work out.  I think every day driving home that today will be the day I start C25k again, it doesn’t happen.

Im lacking motivation.  The weight is slowing coming off without exercise, why do I have to bother.  Weight loss is 80% diet anyways.  At least that’s what Im telling myself.

On top of it all, UWF’s gym skivs me out.  I feel like a little old fat lady in there.  Especially in spin class, the class that I used to love.  The instructor is always this stick thin cute sorority girl and it makes me all grumpy to see her up there not even breaking a sweat.

Anyone want to throw some motivation my way?  I need it.