Manic Monday Frustration

Monday – Hot Yoga

Tuesday – C25K

Wednesday – Hot Yoga

Thursday – C25K

Friday – Hot Yoga

Saturday – C25K

Sunday – Rest

This week is going to be a Hot Yoga week!  Im frustrated that I love it so much and Im getting to do it half off because Im a student, but if I went this often for a whole month it would be $60, basically the cost of a gym membership, if not more.  Im thinking about looking into a membership at a local place. I know that I can go to UWF’s gym for free when I want, but the old lady feeling still hasn’t escaped me yet.  I need to just get over it and get back into spin.  I miss it.  I miss feeling strong and really in to something.  I love Hot Yoga and I know eventually this could be my thing, but my pocket book would not appreciate it.  After this week Im going to drop it down to one or two times a week and get over my fear of UWF.  I can do it!

I’ve also feel like I’ve eaten a ton today.  I cant eat anymore.  I know that Im supposed to eat some more to make up for what I’ve burned, but I just cant do it.  Oh well, you win some, you loose some. 😉


Manic Monday

Monday – Hot Yoga

Tues – Zumba or c25k depending on plans

Wednesday – Hot Yoga

Thursday – c25k

Friday – Rest, Women’s Conference

Saturday – Walk

Sunday – c25k


That’s right folks, I think Im finally back.  Hot Yoga was awesome tonight.  I went to Breath Studio downtown and it was just wonderful.  It felt so good to be back in a studio.  I dont think I’ve taken a yoga class since the fall.  Even though I sweat like a 300 pound man (no really, I do) it’s so great to get so deep into the poses when you muscles are that loose.  Love it!   Plus, I’ve drank like 15 cups or so of water today.  That always cleans out your system.  😉

I have issues

When you look at me, do you think Im accident prone?  That I have issues?  I think I do.  I was supposed to go to Hot Yoga tonight, but I bailed on myself once again.  I had no one to go with, so no one to keep me accountable, and here I am at home.

It doesn’t help that I have a nasty blister on the side of my heel.  I took a picture and I was going to illustrate my blister, but my cracked heels begged me not to show them, so to appease them I slathered on some lotion and hid them in my socks.

I have taken Salty on two walks in the past two days, that’s something right?  Monday I’ll make it to Hot Yoga, I promise!

Okay readers, I need your input.  Im thinking about posting my daily food intake on here, a la Brie.  I use the same calorie tracker as her, My Fitness Pal, but I just dont know if anyone would like to see that.  I know I like to see Brie’s, but would you want to see mine?  Im on the fence about it.  On the one hand, talk about accountability, on the other hand, snooooore.  What do you think?